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SFR Episode 177 – Hunting Questions

Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long ones” – The hunting episode: Adriel asks questions lightning round style about hunting… Trevor and Matthew offer their advice. Tonight’s guest host is our listeners- Lots of listener feedback about what is the best length of AR barrel as well as sighting in your guns. We have the best listeners in the business!

Adriel's new AR15 barrel
Adriel’s new AR15 barrel

SFR – Episode 113

We’re all at Trevor’s this week for the Charity Shoot and so we had some extras in the room as we recorded. We talk about how big is too big when it comes to hunting calibres, we get an NFA update from Tracy, Jazz and John give us another excuse as to why they haven’t recorded a show yet, and Sticks and Edith tell us about bringing guns across the border. Tenexx says hi too.