SFR Episode 182 – Black Friday Sales

Happy Turkey Day to our listeners south of the border! You know what that means!!!! Black Friday online sales for all! Adriel, Kelly and Trevor talk about some of the various sales that are out there and the deals that can be had. Yes please!!



SFR Episode 181

As requested, more 3 Gun is the subject of tonight’s show! Hey, hey the gang’s all here… but Adriel interviews Ryan Bartsch and Del Zimmer from Nuke’M Gunworks shooting team (also on Vortex Canada Tactical Pro Staff) plus we read our listener emails, discuss flowers at the range and Trevor tries not to be a curmudgeon.


  • Ryan:
  • Del:
  • Nuke’M Gunworks Red Neck 3 Gun 2016
  • 3 Gun in Canada Article

SFR Episode 180 – The Future of Firearms Law in the US

What’s Up Doc? What’s cookin? Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast is on to talk politics… No wait, Trevor, Matthew, Adriel and Kelly all chat with Doc about the impact the elections results will have on both the USA and Canada and what President-Elect Trump has released as his stance on firearms. Can you say lots of deals on firearms and ammo in the future???


SFR Episode 179 – Yukaflux of Questions

Wives’ tales, bragging rights and big game stories… Grab a cup of joe, a pint of ale or some of your finest scotch and join Kelly, Matthew and Adriel as they sit around the fire and spin some tales about their best gun stories. OK, there was no fire, and the stories were just pretty ok but it was still entertaining…


  • Colt Canada MRR:
  • Adriel’s review on the MKA 1919 Match Gen2: