SFR Episode 178 – The Canadian Gun Girl

Thinking about getting your kids into shooting??? You need to listen to this! We have an exclusive interview with Canada’s YouTube teen sensation the Canadian Gun Girl! Adriel, Matthew and Kelly interview Hayley and her dad Jeremy about their YouTube channel that is putting out reviews, interviews and info for kids and parents who are interested in shooting. Check out The Canadian Gun Girl on Youtube,  Facebook page and gofundme.

SFR Episode 177 – Hunting Questions

Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long ones” – The hunting episode: Adriel asks questions lightning round style about hunting… Trevor and Matthew offer their advice. Tonight’s guest host is our listeners- Lots of listener feedback about what is the best length of AR barrel as well as sighting in your guns. We have the best listeners in the business!

Adriel's new AR15 barrel
Adriel’s new AR15 barrel

SFR Episode 176 – Sighting in Your Guns

It is adjust to the left or adjust to the right??? Tonight we talk about sighting in your firearms,  because maybe, just maybe you were left wanting a little more after last week’s recommendation of “don’t change your pistol sights, just fix your shooting”. At least we know Trevor was… Plus, lots of listener emails were read, opinions on RCMP FRTs were given and ginger beer was drunk. Have a listen.


SFR Episode 175 – Reg from Vortex Canada

Scopes, Optics and Red Dots – Oh my! Tonight Kelly, Adriel and Matthew talk with Reg Wales of Vortex Canada about his recommendation for scopes and optics as well has his newest venture the Operational Tactical Optics Program. Check out the Vortex Canada website for all the recommendations or Precision Optics Academy Ltd for course dates. And remember… Buying Reg’s book is now mandatory for all listeners.

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