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SFR Episode 174 – Tourniquets and Saving Lives

Do you carry a tourniquet and trauma bag with you? Do you have the training to use it? Tonight Brian Scheetz of Valkyrie Defense  Group joins Matthew, Kelly and Adriel to talk about a recent event where he used a tourniquet to save someone’s life. Great recommendations on what to do… Get the equipment and get the training!


SFR Episode 169 – Dave Young from CAPS

The full crew is here again! Adriel, Trevor, Matthew, and Kelly speak with Dave Young from CAPS Defensive Firearms Training about firearms training and the CAPS live fire judgement and training system.


  • http://www.caps-inc.com/
  • http://www.caps-training.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/capslivefiretraining

SFR Episode 155 – Interview with Massad Ayoob

Kelly, Adriel, Trevor, and Matthew interview legendary firearms instructor Massad Ayoob.


SFR – Episode 122

Brian Sheetz and Jason Groves from the Valkyrie Defense Group join us to discuss how to pick a good training course and instructor. We have an update for you regarding the new firearms laws, and we sadly announce the hopefully temporary retirement of Owen. That being said, we are looking for a new host so be sure to listen to find out how to apply.

RCMP Questions and Answers regarding new firearms laws
CBC clip “How did gun culture get this far?”
CTV news story on “high powered guns”