SFR Episode 209 – Steel Challenge Recap

The gang’s all here! Trevor and Matthew recap the annual Ronnie Degroot Steel challenge and how amazing this year was (Spoiler Alert- matthew beat Trevor). We let you know about some new products on the market and we read all your listener feedback… Wow, there was a lot of it! And Adriel learns some French swear words (Matthew has a ton of bleeps to add). Thanks for listening!



SFR Episode 208 – Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge! It’s all about steel baby… Have you ever wondered how to set up a steel challenge match? Trevor shares his wisdom on setting up a steel challenge with Adriel and Kelly. We also read your emails and Trevor tells us what was in the surprise he got in the mail… Have a listen!


SFR Episode 207 – Ian from Forgotten Weapons

Ian from Forgotten Weapons comes on to talk with the crew about how he got started, French firearms, and historical guns that changed history, and his experiences shooting 2 gun. Trevor lusts after the Modern Varminter, Adriel buys a Savage 64 while recording, Kelly reports on her trip to Battle Road, and Matthew doesn’t shoot a squirrel in the face?





SFR Episode 206 – Nova Tactical – New Range in NS

This episode has Richard Toulany of Nova Tactical on to discuss the new state of the art gun range that is opening in Dartmouth Nova Scotia and Rob Burns also joins us for a bit to talk about the University of New Brunswick Firearms Association. We read your emails, Trevor makes Matthew do a bunch of editing and we talk about the new e-petition that you need to go and sign. Thanks for listening.



SFR Episode 205 – The Seinfeld Show

It’s the Seinfeld show, this week’s episode is one big show about nothing! Matthew, Trevor, Adriel and Kelly let their hair down (even the folically challenged) and the entire show is just “Shooting the Breeze”. We cover the news, read your reviews and talk about what is new in the market.

M305A (top) vs M305 (bottom)
M305-A (top) vs M305 (bottom)

SFR Episode 204 – Canadian Gun Vault

Instagram sensation Mark Morelli of Canadian Gun Vault Inc. joins us this episode to talk about Canadian gun laws and how his Instagram as well as YouTube channel have grown in leaps and bounds in just a matter of months. We also hear Trevor throw Kelly under the bus, Matthew tells us how he is sweet like sugar and read all your fantastic emails and reviews.


SFR Episode 203 – Mapleseed

It is the all Mapleseed edition of Slam Fire Radio! We have Project Mapleseed Directors and Instructors Kevin Latham and Kelly Lynn on to talk about the new rifle marksmanship program that is rolling out across the country. It is very Canadian, eh! We also read all your emails, throw Trevor under the bus and debate some recent court decisions.


SFR Episode 201 – Hickok45

The SFR crew somehow managed to convince Hickok45 and his cameraman/son John to come on. Also, we read all your amazing emails and the old guard (aka Trevor and Matt) takes sides against the newbies (Adriel and Kelly).


SFR Episode 200 – Our LIVE show

The gang’s all here! Trevor did not really quit, we did mention it was April Fools last week, right? This week is our LIVE 200th episode. Thank you to all the listeners and everyone who has come on as guests, you have all made SFR an amazing podcast to put out each and every week. This week we introduce a new sponsor, read all your emails and make a valiant effort to answer 200 pop questions… Thanks for listening everyone!