SFR Episode 234 – Becoming a Pro Shooter with Alex Berdat

Ever wonder what it takes to be a pro shooter? On this episode we have Pro IPSC shoot Alex Berdat on to talk about becoming a pro shooter. Join Trevor, Kelly and Bryan this week to hear what is new and approved in guns as well as a great debate on what violence is and clone birthing. Have a listen!


SFR Episode 233 – Maccabee Defense Interview

That’s right! What everyone has been taking about! This episode we have Maccabee Defense and Calgary Shooting Centre’s Master Smith Jakob on to talk about the new non-restricted Maccabee SLR 223 variant that is the talk of the town. SFR gets joined by Modern Rifleman Radio’s Bryan Bolivar as a guest host and we read all your reviews and feedback. Have a listen!

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SFR Episode 232 – PRS with Ryan McLean

Precision Rifle Shooter and Canada’s only PRS (Precision Rifle Series) match organizer Ryan McLean comes on to speak with Kelly and Adriel about precision rifle shooting. We talk about what is needed to do some precision shooting and Ryan announces the date for the next match in 2018. Adriel and Kelly also discuss the new grace period for expired PAL/RPAL holders and chat about all the cool new things that are going to be coming out soon in the Canadian gun world. Have a listen!


SFR Episode 231 – Remembrance Day Tribute

So much goodness in one episode! Tonight we have Richard Bone on to draw the winning ticket for the BONE IS NOT ALONE raffle. We announce how much money was raised by our amazing listeners and we also have our faithful friend and loyal listener Filthy on as part of our Remembrance Day tribute. On this episode we discuss WWI and WWII Canadian military firearms. We also read all of our listener feedback and Kelly scoops Trevor. Have a listen!


SFR Episode 230

Bringing someone new to the range? Don’t want to scare them off and keep them engaged? On this episode Trevor, Adriel and Kelly talk about introducing new people to shooting; specifically about the differences between introducing an adult vs. introducing a kid. We also tell you about the cool new things hitting the market. Have a listen.


SFR Episode 229 – Monster Defence With George Hill, the Mad Ogre

Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires… We’ve got you covered.That’s right it is the Halloween episode and the Mad Ogre himself George Hill comes on to talk Monster Defence with Trevor, Adriel and Kelly. We also read all your emails, reviews and what’s new in Canada for guns. Have a listen and go cast some silver bullets for the complete eventuality of a Vampire defence situation.

Bone is Not Alone Fundraiser

Slam Fire Radio is holding a fundraiser called “Bone is Not Alone”. In support of listener and firearms advocate Richard Bone, Richard is currently battling cancer and we want to give back to him for all his support of firearm owners. The fundraiser is a raffle for the chance to win:

Tickets are $5/each, or $20/5. EMT’s will be taken at Raffle ends November 9th!

Up for grabs:

BCL 102 from SFRC
SD9 from Calgary Shooting Centre
Matador Arms Sabertooth Chassis

Fundraiser Sponsors:

SFR Episode Sig P226

On this episode we have David from the CanadaGuns Talk Show and Jay from Modern Rifleman Radio join us to talk Sig’s because episode 226… We also read your emails, reviews and talk about what is new and approved. Have a listen.