SFR Episode 201 – Hickok45

The SFR crew somehow managed to convince Hickok45 and his cameraman/son John to come on. Also, we read all your amazing emails and the old guard (aka Trevor and Matt) takes sides against the newbies (Adriel and Kelly).


SFR Episode 200 – Our LIVE show

The gang’s all here! Trevor did not really quit, we did mention it was April Fools last week, right? This week is our LIVE 200th episode. Thank you to all the listeners and everyone who has come on as guests, you have all made SFR an amazing podcast to put out each and every week. This week we introduce a new sponsor, read all your emails and make a valiant effort to answer 200 pop questions… Thanks for listening everyone!

SFR Episode 199 and a Half – It’s all about the Prepping

Matthew, Adriel and Kelly talk about prepping for the upcoming competitive shooting season with the conquistador himself, Bryan Bolivar. We read a special email from one of our listeners, chat about everything that have been in the news this week and thank all of our amazing Patreones.

We do apologize… This was supposed to be our LIVE 200th episode but due unforeseen circumstances we have pushed the 200th episode to next week.


  • BTSA shoots:

SFR Episode 198 – Tactical Teacher

CQB, Precision Rifle and M14 clinic guru Tactical Teacher (aka Barney) joins us this episode to talk about all of the above but specifically about the much loved M14. What’s old is new, and what’s new is old… Trevor, Adriel, Matthew and Kelly are all on this week and answer your listener emails. Just a word of warning – We made it a bit of long one but the cold meds will make sure you are all entertained. Any final shout outs Matthew???

Our episode 200 will be live!

SFR Episode 197 – Tenderly Touching Your Wood!

Ken Kowalski of Modern Rifleman Radio joins us on this week’s episode as a guest host to fill in for the MIA Matthew. He also talks to us about what to do with your wood stocks to prep them for refinishing. We have a ton of listener emails, Trevor tells us about his man cold and Adriel keeps everyone in line. Have a listen!


SFR Episode 196 – Milsurps with Kris

Milsurp!!! We’ve got your Garands, Mosins and Lee Enfields. Everything you wanted to know about Milsurp! On this week’s episode we have an amazing listener Kris join us and share his vast knowledge about Milsurps. And as always we read your emails, Trevor and Adriel argue about the same thing and Matthew picks on Trevor… It is a long one, but worth the listen!


SFR Episode 195 – Matt from

Adriel and Matthew are left to their own devices this week. They speak with Matt from Sound Moderators Canada about creating petitions for sound moderators. Listeners, get out and sign those petitions!


SFR Episode 194 – Brian’s Show!

Ever want to know the dirt on Trevor? How about Adriel starring in a movie? Did you know Kelly is not from here?? Tonight Brian Scheetz, of Valkyrie Defense Group,  is a guest host and roasts us based on the dirt that he collected from his confidential informants. Sadly Matthew misses out on all the fun however, there just might be some bonus material in the outtakes. Trevor and Adriel spend 5 minutes arguing about the same thing. We also read all our listener feedback. Have a listen!

*There were some pops in the audio until the 5 minute mark. Somehow, I’d like to blame Matthew.