SFR Episode 244 – Prop Master

Have you ever wondered who supplies all the cool firearms on your favourite movie? Who teaches the actors to not hold the pistol with a teacup grip? Who has held Deadpool’s guns? This guy has! This week we have Prop Master Dustin Lange on to talk about what it takes to be a prop master on the set of a movie. We also talk about upcoming events, hint about upcoming guests and read your emails. Have a listen!

SFR Episode 243 – CCFR Insurance/Shot Show

Shot Show and Legal Insurance! This episode is extra special… We have two guests on! Tracey Wilson from the CCFR is on to talk about legal insurance and why you should have it. She also talks about the exciting announcements and changes that have just been made. We also have Geoff of the Calgary Shooting Centre on to talk about his Shot Show experience and all of the new and exciting guns that are coming out. And as usual, we read all your emails and reviews! Thanks… And keep sending them because we love getting your feedback!


SFR Episode 242 – Adam from Atlas Gunworks

“The world is upside down and I don’t believe in nothing no more” (listen to the end…) On this episode we have Adam from Atlas Gunworks on to speak about everything 1911 and 2011. We also read your emails, reviews and on a final note Karen go shooting with Michael! Have a listen. Interview starts at 42:30.