SFR Episode 210 – The Micro Episode

Adriel and Trevor abandon the ship and leave the sickies to take care of this episode. It was put to a vote and the decision was a MICRO episode! This week we let you know what we did in guns, read your emails and reviews, Matthew tells us how good looking he is (repeatedly) and we try to find ways to agitate Trevor for when he listens tomorrow… A good goal for the show. Thanks for all your listener feedback! We love getting it.

SFR Episode 209 – Steel Challenge Recap

The gang’s all here! Trevor and Matthew recap the annual Ronnie Degroot Steel challenge and how amazing this year was (Spoiler Alert- matthew beat Trevor). We let you know about some new products on the market and we read all your listener feedback… Wow, there was a lot of it! And Adriel learns some French swear words (Matthew has a ton of bleeps to add). Thanks for listening!



SFR Episode 208 – Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge! It’s all about steel baby… Have you ever wondered how to set up a steel challenge match? Trevor shares his wisdom on setting up a steel challenge with Adriel and Kelly. We also read your emails and Trevor tells us what was in the surprise he got in the mail… Have a listen!