SFR Episode 165 – The Pokemon Go Edition

Just kidding, this week we have an update on the 10/22 from the  CCFR. Adriel and Kelly speak with Tracey Wilson, Chairman of the Board of the CCFR, about a new multi-advocacy group action to fight for our 25 round mags. Trevor is in Nova Scotia drinking wine (continuing on from from his Tuscan adventure) and Matthew is searching for the elusive MagiKarp.

CCFR update from Tracey at 30:57.


MP scoped


He's after the ammo!

SFR Episode 164 – Ruger 10/22 25 Rounds Prohibited?

Kelly and Adriel have the show to themselves this week and didn’t drive it off a cliff. Really Trevor, everything was fine. The topic this week: the new RCMP opinion that 25 round Butler creek magazines designed before the Charger even came to Canada were designed for it and are therefore prohibited. Does the RCMP know of a time machine that we don’t? Stay tuned to find out.