SFR Episode 224 – Gun Storage – How to properly store your firearms long term

Ack! Oh NO! My rifle is rusted! On this week’s episode the gang talks about how to protect your firearms while storing them in a safe or gun room. We also talk about what we did in guns, some upcoming events and all the news that is new and approved. Thanks for listening!

Browning A5 Auto Load:

SFR Episode 223 – Goose Hunting with Robert

Duck, Duck, Goose! It is that time of the year! Long time listener and avid hunter Rob Foote joins us this episode to talk about Goose Hunting (and yes, we listened to your suggestions!). This episode also includes listener feedback, your reviews and Trevor telling you all how long since his last DQ. Have a listen and happy hunting!


SFR Episode 221 – Ben Klick Sierra64 Riflecraft

On this week’s episode Ben Klick of Sierra64 Riflecraft joins the crew to talk about everything from the courses he offers, mental management for making the shot and what type of glass to buy. Great information from a great guy! We read your emails and talk about a few new guns that are coming out and congratulate Trevor on winning the New Brunswick IPSC Provincials. Have a listen!


SFR Episode 220 – Rod Giltaca WILDtv

On this week’s episode the gang’s all here and so is Rod Giltaca, President of the CCFR. Rod joins us to talk about all the exciting initiatives that are happening for the CCFR and how we can help. Check out the new Explainer videos and subscribe to WILDtv as well as the CCFR podcast. As always, thanks for listening.

SFR Episode 219 – The National Service Condition Championship

On this episode, Bryan Bolivar of Modern Rifleman Radio joins Adriel, Kelly and Matthew to discuss the upcoming National Service Conditions Championships. Bryan discusses what takes place, how he prepared for this year and what exactly someone who attends can expect. Sadly, Trevor is not (ever notice how Trevor is never on when Bryan is???), as he is off vacationing and whale watching. As well, we read all your emails and discuss what’s new in guns. Thanks for listening!


New CCFR explainer videos:




SFR Episode 217 – Matt Hipwell of Wolverine Supplies at the IPSC Nationals

On this Episode Matt Hipwell from Wolverine Supplies, joins Trevor from the IPSC Nationals in Calgary. Due to last week’s technical difficulties we read a whack of email, reviews and news items. Trevor and Matthew are unusually quiet, which means Kelly and Adriel carry the show…


  • Ultimate Optics Guide:
  • Saskatchewan Clays Provincials: contact or 306-544-2999

SFR Episode 215 – Update on Project Mapleseed with Kevin and Rick (How the West was Won)

Adriel, Matthew and Kelly are on this week’s episode, Trevor is MIA aka at the IPSC Nationals in Calgary. We are joined by Kevin Latham and Rick Katigbak of Project Mapleseed to talk about the the epic cross country trip that they just had and provide updates on Canada’s newest marksmanship program. Of course we discuss what we did in guns and also read all your amazing feedback. Have a listen!

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